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* All our organic and organic compound fertilizers are also available as a product certified for use in organic farming.

Types of fertilizers shape offered

We offer two different fertilizer shapes, in order to better fulfill our client’s specific demands.


Well-known cilindrical shape, 3-5 mm width and 10 mm length. Is the result of an extrusion process.

Ideally suited for arable crops and soil-bound horticultural crops. Easy to store & spread.


Small crumbs size 1-3 mm. Due to its shape the specific surface area is largely increased, and nutrients are easily dissolved from the crumb. They are broken pellets that are thoroughly sieved.

Ideally suited for precision farming, mixing in substrates and potting soils or fertilizing lawns, golf courts or sports fields. Easy to store & spread.

Are you looking for compost?

Fertikal can also help you with our Fertikal (Kallo) and Fertimass (Maaseik) compost ranges.